Single & Multi Family Inspections

Single & Multi Family Inspections

Inspecting Single and Multi-Family Homes With Efficiency

Our general home inspection services are a visual inspection of the structural elements and systems which are available. This typically includes:

Foundation, Crawlspaces, Roofing, Exterior walls, Siding, Porches, Decks, Attic & Visible Framing, Ventilation, Insulation, Electrical Systems, Plumbing Systems, ​Interior doors, walls, windows, Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Fireplaces, Level Survey, Mold (visual), Installed Appliances

Inspected once, inspected right! ®

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Home Inspection pricing is determined by the TOTAL square footage of the ENTIRE building to be inspected, not living square footage. The inspection fee will increase if upon arrival at the property to be inspected, it is determined to be larger than what was described and quoted over the phone. Detached outbuildings may be inspected at an additional charge.

Corona Virus Precautions:
We care about the safety of our customers.
As a precautionary measure we are carrying plenty of hand sanitizer, wearing disposable gloves and shoe covers and sanitizing our tools and equipment for all of our residential home inspections, to protect property owners and ourselves.

“What do you charge for a home inspection?” 

This is usually the first question a home buyer or realtor representing a buyer asks, thinking hiring the cheapest home inspector will save money. Consider that the fee should be the last thing to be concerned with. The first question you should ask is what do you inspect for, and what is included in your inspection services. You want to make sure the inspector you choose will do a good job and will take the time needed to check the property thoroughly. Saving a hundred dollars on a home inspection is not worth the additional cost of unexpected repairs and frustration. The best approach is to find the most thorough and experienced home inspector, regardless of price. A defect missed by a bargain home inspector can cost many times the amount saved at the time of the inspection.
The total size, age and type of foundation of the home or commercial building are some of the main factors in determining the inspection fees. Companies that charge very low fees are associated with the fact they do many inspections per day. With that in mind take a guess what the quality of the inspection will be? Because of this, the home inspector will rush through your inspection to get to the others on time.The house you are thinking about purchasing is a large investment, picking a cheap building inspector is the wrong time to save a few dollars. When you hire us, you will have our full attention, and we take our time to thoroughly inspect the systems of the house. See what our clients are saying regarding their inspection experience HERE